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Problem Writing to USB Flash Drive in Linux

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A friend of mine decided to install Linux on his home computer. One of the problems he encountered when he began using his new Linux desktop was writing to USB flash drive.

Using different mount options in order to write to USB Flash Drive in Linux

He tried mounting the USB flash drive with every possible mount option (uid, gid, rw...) but it didn't help. He tried changing the permissions using super user but he still couldn't write to the USB flash drive.

Writing to USB Flash Drive in Linux - The solution

He did notice that when he mounted his external USB IDE drive he didn't have any problems writing to it. A close examination of the two different devices showed that the file system on the USB flash drive was FAT32 where as the file system on the external USB IDE drive was NTFS. As a last resort he decided to format his USB flash drive as NTFS file system. After he changed the file system of the USB flash drive from FAT32 to NTFS he did manage to write to it from his new Linux.

Although I believe there has to be a better way to solve this problem of writing to USB flash drive on Linux, this is still a possible solution.


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